Whispers of the Past by Owen Clough – 2016

Whispers of the past is a good old Boys’ Own style yarn about three blokes, Bob (‘Brill’), whispersofthepastShane (‘Grunt’) and Sam, all decorated heroes and best mates, who go off on a DOC pig-culling trip in the Tongariro National Park in 2014.  Their trip starts well, with the air force carrying out lots of dead pest porkers.  But when the weather turns and a strange mist descends around the cave they have sheltered in, things take an odd turn.  They emerge from the mist into magnificent New Zealand bush complete with bird species long extinct – they are in 1863.  And the three must navigate the complexities of Maori / Pakeha relationships in the turbulent times leading up to the New Zealand Wars.  Fortunately, as well as having modern equipment, all have military nous and Bob is a keen student of New Zealand history – so they end up making a good old go of it.  If you just accept the gung-ho writing it is a rollicking tale, packed full of interesting New Zealand history – if not a little too much detail about the guys’ daily activities.  The point of view is that of Bob, and towards the end of the book he has displayed bouts of vulnerability that softens the tone. And there are a couple of sections towards the end of the book that are genuinely moving.  Whispers of the past is the first in a trilogy – and I am intrigued as to how Clough will continue the tale.

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4 Responses to Whispers of the Past by Owen Clough – 2016

  1. Owen Clough says:

    Thanks for the review.


  2. Owen Clough says:

    As the author, I would like to thank you for this review.


  3. beepete says:

    Looks very interesting. How do I get hold of a copy?


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