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Isobar Precinct by Angelique Kasmara – 2021

Lestari, a tattoo artist, is helping her friend and business partner, Frank, install his latest art installation in Symonds Street Cemetery: a statue of St Michael, which Frank will document as it decays and is defaced through time. Jasper is … Continue reading

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To the Sea by Nikki Crutchley – 2021

A man feels blessed to have survived a disaster. He and his devoted daughter make a new start – moving their family to a beautiful wild seaside property. Starting afresh with new names, they create a world where love of … Continue reading

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Aljce in Therapy Land by Alice Tawhai – 2021

Aljce is excited to be starting a new job at The Therapy Hub, a wrap-around private counselling service, where she will be able to build up the practical counselling hours she needs to complete her qualifications. But instead of the … Continue reading

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