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Murder on Broadway by John Rosanowski – 2017

Murder on Broadway is a rollicking wild West Coast goldfields tale of murder and mayhem.  When the obnoxious Reefton Police Sergeant Mackworth Snyder leaves Reefton in the hands of his new Constable Gordon Trembath, in the days leading up to … Continue reading

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Painted by Kirsten McKenzie – 2017

Painted is a creepy slow burn piece of horror writing, putting scenarios in your head that play out long after you have finished reading.  At the start of the novel, you find out an artist has passed away and left … Continue reading

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Heloise by Mandy Hager – 2017

“Of all my frustrations with the Christian Church, besides its demonising of women, there are two that most confound me: the preoccupation with unquestioning obedience and the notion of original sin.”  So says one of Heloise’s early teachers – a … Continue reading

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Iceland by Dominic Hoey – 2017

This is an absolutely riveting debut novel.  Told from alternating points of view of two young artists, one a musician and the other a painter, whose gifts are thwarted by drugs, violence and a corrupted world view.  Zlata is a … Continue reading

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Hot Flush by Rosy Fenwicke – 2017

Euphemia Sage has been receiving strange letters over the years – from her deceased aunt, the woman who raised her when her mother ran off.  The letters have been spookily aware of Euphemia’s circumstances at the time she reads them, … Continue reading

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