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A Madness of Sunshine by Nalini Singh – 2019

Anahera returns to the West Coast town she escaped from eight years ago.  Her successful life in London has come crashing down, and she is hoping for some peace and quiet in Golden Cove, despite some bitter memories of the … Continue reading

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Shooting Messengers by Kevin Berry – 2020

PI Danny Ashford lives in Quake City with his cat, Torquemada.  It is a city the government and most services have abandoned, where crime is rampant and where aftershocks continue, and where the remaining police force is “undermanned and under-brained.”  … Continue reading

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The Manger, the Mikdash and the Mosque by David McGill – 2020

1975, Dan Delaney, now ‘damn near 60’, travels with his devout wife, Jas, and two daughters to ‘… this busy city on a hill in the middle of nowhere, the centre of everywhere’ – Jerusalem.  There he encounters kidnappings, bomb … Continue reading

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