I live in Nelson, New Zealand, with my partner Tim and Cobweb our cat.  I study Shakuhachi and Japanese language.  I work at Nelson Public Libraries and love to read and talk about books.  Tim and I love to travel and have based many of our trips on wildlife viewing opportunities, especially relating to wolves and other wild dogs. This is a link to my other blog.



10 Responses to About

  1. Jodi Wright says:

    Hi, I’m writing because I’d love to have you read and review my novel How to Grow an Addict.

    I can supply you with a kindle version or post you a paperback.

    Thanks in advance for considering.

    Kindest Jodi (JA) Wright


  2. antonymillen says:

    Kia ora – I wonder if you’d be interested in reading and reviewing one of my three books. Details are on my website: https://antonymillen.com/


  3. Owen Clough says:

    G’day Blog master, I want to thank you for the review on my book Whispers of the Past. Now up to 42 and most are in my favour.
    My publisher Roger Lang of Wellington is looking for reviewers, so if you are interested at all this is what he said maybe you can pass it on if you have not got the time.
    21 June · Wellington, New Zealand ·
    If you are wanting some free books to review, I am willing to send you free books to leave feedback on Amazon for me. Win Win, right! Some of you have said yes, and I will do a mailing out very soon with your books too. PM me if you want to be on the list. He still at this time is looking email roger@langbookpublishing.co.nz
    Cheers Roger Lang.

    Thanks again Owen Clough Takapau.


  4. David McGill says:

    Hi Alyson
    After reading your blog and enjoying many reviews of books I have read, I’d love you to review my crime novel The Death Ray Debacle, which I have put on AllBooksNZ just now after your recommendation. MY book is on Kindle and mebooks.co.nz and my website has lot about it, http://www.davidmcgill.co.nz


  5. dannypb32 says:

    Hi, Alyson found your blog via a search on top reviewers on-line.
    Looking for a review on my debut novel SICANIA RISING can send over a gifted E-book version for Amazon review.
    Would be honoured if you could review the book, Alyson.
    Sample pages are available via http://www.bookbuzzr.com.
    My website is https://thehistorywriter.net.
    Daniel P Buckley


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