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Moonlight Sonata by Eileen Merriman – 2019

Moonlight sonata starts like a typical slice of New Zealand life novel, with a family meeting up for the Christmas/New Year break in a seaside home, with the usual tensions and jealousies. But this book turns into a much more … Continue reading

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Josephine’s Garden by Stephanie Parkyn – 2019

What does it mean to be a woman in a time of revolution, a time of colonial expansion?  Was Rose de Beauharnais an extraordinary woman or a woman in extraordinary times?  She hailed from exotic Martinique, narrowly survived the reign … Continue reading

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Scented by Laurence Fearnley – 2019

Siân Rees is a senior lecturer in American Studies at the University of Auckland, supported by the head of her department, Archer Hall, and used to picking up the slack for her ambitious young colleague, Jerome Roy.  She lives alone, … Continue reading

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Auē by Becky Manawatu – 2019

Auē! – a cry of distress – calling out throughout this extraordinary novel of fear and violence, of families torn apart and people trying to find connection and safety. Taukiri leaves his brother Ārama with Aunty Kat on her farm … Continue reading

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The Burning River by Lawrence Patchett – 2019

The burning river is a great piece of dystopian fiction, set in an Aotearoa that has been devastated by global warming and pollution. Van, Hana and her daughter Kahu set out on a quest to try and bargain for place … Continue reading

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The Absolute Book by Elizabeth Knox – 2019

Taryn Cornick is a lover of libraries, a valuer of ‘just in case knowledge’, and an observer: “She was always studying the world, not rapt or curious, but patient and dutiful, as if the world was something she’d paid good … Continue reading

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The Julian Calendar by William Henry – 2018

A year in the life of a young man, Daniel Jamieson, as he recovers from a love affair, befriends an older man, and has various other romantic experiences. Daniel had a ‘love of my life’ relationship with Bridget, an Australian … Continue reading

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