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The Cage by Lloyd Jones – 2018

Two strangers arrive at a hotel in an unnamed and unplaced town.  They need help, but before providing help, the townsfolk want to know who they are and what has happened to them.  If the strangers can’t provide that information what … Continue reading

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Into the World by Stephanie Parkyn – 2017

Into the World is an historical adventure on the high seas with great characters and an interesting plot.  From the beginning of the novel, when Marie-Louise Girardin brands herself and her infant son before leaving him to the fate of … Continue reading

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Tinderbox by Megan Dunn – 2017

A memoir, and a book about writing a book, about the future of books, about women in books, about a movie of a book, about selling books – Tinderbox is all of these and is wonderful!  Dunn takes us though her experiences … Continue reading

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The Stakes by Ben Sanders – 2018

“And it’s like: you know on kind of a formal level that there’s laws, but then when you’re actually on the street and see it through their eyes, you realise it’s just dog-eat-dog, same as everything else” – even the … Continue reading

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The Necessary Angel by C.K. Stead – 2017

A group of people in Paris in 2014/15, all literary, all quite objectionable, meander round each other, aloof from events around them. Max Jackson is a Kiwi, although I doubt he would ever describe himself as such – the thought … Continue reading

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Gabriel’s Bay by Catherine Robertson – 2018

Gabriel’s Bay is full of stories, and stories within stories, with everything beautifully woven together.  Gabriel’s Bay is a small New Zealand coastal town with difficult access, economic problems and a small, varied population.  As we read, we get to know many … Continue reading

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Edge of Truth by Brynn Kelly – 2017

Edge of truth is another adrenaline roller coaster ride from Brynn Kelly, the author who brought us the fantastic mash-up of thriller/romance that was Deception Island.  Edge of truth is a story of international conspiracy and war-mongering, played out in … Continue reading

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