The Murder Trail by Leonie Mateer – 2015

This third romp in the Audrey Murders Series is as wacky as the previous two. Audrey is stillmurder trail running her cabins up North in native bush by the beach – and the operation, although improved from the time of The Cabin by the Sea, is still less luxurious than her previous establishment: The Three Suites of The Murder Suite.     But one thing hasn’t changed: Audrey’s solving of all of her problems, real or imagined, by knocking off the offenders, getting rid of their bodies and implicating others for her crimes.  The first in the series had dope growing in the Far North as a backdrop, the second underage prostitution and The Murder Trail brings a Mexican drug cartel to our shores.  Audrey has previously been a man-hater looking for the perfect man – but now she becomes enamoured of a woman, but when she realises this is maybe not be the answer to all her prayers – well you just wouldn’t want to be anyone Audrey feels let down by.  The writing is plain and the pacing that of farce – but the plotting is clever and Audrey always manages to stay one step ahead of those suspicious cops and fellow fiends.  And from the ending of The Murder Trail I think Audrey has more ghastly adventures ahead of her.


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