The Revelations of Carey Ravine by Debra Daley – 2016

Revelations of Carey RavineA woman’s rise from dupedom in the 1770s.  Carey Ravine is a smart and capable woman who has escaped her dismal teenage years by entering the social swirl, cons, and ambitions of her husband, Oliver Nash.  Carey is not giving herself too much time to reflect on her life, or the puzzle of her father who has been missing in India for ten years. But a series of discoveries tantalises her, and draws her into trying to solve a mystery concerning strange poisonings, blue lights, and her place of fascination: India.  As she becomes aware of the potential impact of what is lying at the heart of the mystery, and the possible connection to her father – she finds she is not really satisfied with the frippery and dubious politics around which her life is revolving.  And as she becomes aware of cover-ups and conspiracies she, and the reader, start to suspect those around her might not quite be who she took them for.  The setting and language (I really must use bloviate more often) are rich, and Carey’s character admirable.  The book has historical detail, an intriguing plot, the evil East India Company, romance, and a strong female lead – a delight.

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