News pigs by Tim Wilson – 2014

News PigsNews pigs is a relentless comedy of errors set in the US.  Tom Milde, a total ‘think piece’ disaster from a fictitious country that is to NZ what NZ is to Australia, wakes up drunk and discombobulated in an apartment in New York – has an unfortunate accident that riles a local and it all takes off from there.  He crashes from one misunderstanding to another and ends up being sent to Virginia to cover the worst ever campus shooting in US history for his home country TV station.  The novel is relentless, satirical and often very funny.  It is littered with footnotes and in-jokes and pokes fun at NZ, the US, and ‘the news’.  I was a bit concerned at one point that Wilson wasn’t going to be able to ‘bring it home’ –  but he does, perfectly – highly recommended.

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