Blood men by Paul Cleave – 2010

Blood MenBlood Men is Paul Cleave’s fourth thriller set in a Christchurch more like the outskirts of hell than a garden city. Edward Hunter has managed to create a comfortable life – he is married to a fellow accountant and the father of a healthy happy daughter – despite his notoriety as the boy whose father was convicted as a serial killer twenty years ago. But his life is turned upside down one Christmas season – causing him to wonder if the media hype about the possibility of his having inherited his father’s inclinations might be true. The story is told alternating between Edwards own voice and from the point of view of the harried detective on the case. The plot is twisting and keeps you guessing to the end – and the Christmas week rampage is not for those who prefer gentle mysteries! But if you are into hard edged thrillers Blood Men will keep you entertained.

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