Beyond the shadows by LaVerne Clark – 2013

Beyond the ShadowsIf you like your novels hot and raunchy, but also like crime suspense and are not averse to the odd bit of the supernatural you will love Beyond the shadows. Cop Kelly Appleton is attracted to her senior partner, Nate, but finds him hard to read. One of their assignments goes horribly wrong, and Kelly and Nate are thrown closer together. Romantic tension builds and Nate starts getting messages from ‘the other side’. As the two police officers try to sort out their relationship and Nate’s odd experiences, a case they thought was solved comes back to life – putting lives in danger. Well plotted and a riveting read!

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  1. LaVerne says:

    Oh, wow! Thanks so much for your fantastic review, Aly! Google alerted me to it. What a great blog. I’ve already found some more wonderful books that sound like a must-read. Thank you! 🙂

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